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Expert consultant in RRHH, Organization and Strategy, Oriented to train directive, commercial and social skills..

Profesor de : Reorientación y Plan de carrera profesionalLiderazgo del cambioMental training para la gestión emocional

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    Researcher of good practices and the state of the art in: PNL, neuroscience, leadership and emotional intelligence. I have more than 10 years of experience working as a multinational employee (Sumitomo Corporation and VW) and more than 20 years as a consultant and trainer in big companies, PYMES and the public administration.

    I work in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Catalan.

    “I love what I do and I like to share it”. Very active on the Internet and the social networks. I have around 10.000 followers between LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

    Promoter of the blogs:

    • “Crecimiento y Felicidad Personal”
    • “Descubre Tu Potencial, Alcanza Tus Objetivos”
    • “Alcanza Tus Objetivos Importantes”

    I participate on the radio: section “Leader your life” of the program “Interconexiona” on the Radio channel La Marina Digital. I also participate on TV: section “Benefit yourself of Internet” of the program “The Pot” on ETV.

    I have worked in many European countries and I have a transnational mentality and a global vision.

    Active Member of ESADE Alumni. I collaborate with ESADE as a mentor of new professionals and in projects of Alumni Solidari of professional help to third sector organizations.

  • Master in Business Management. ESADE, Graduated in Biochemistry. Univ Autonóma of Madrid, Post Grade Course: “Reengineering of traineeship”. UPC, Post Grade Course: “Communication”. UPC, Post Grade Course: “Team Management”. UPC, Post Grade Course: “Problem Analysis and Resolution”. UPC, Proficiency in English: Univ. Michigan, Proficiency in English: Univ. Oxford

  • Leadership, Communication, PNL, Emotional Intelligence, Directive Skills, Business and professional strategy.

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  • Manuel Hernández
    Manuel Hernández

    Expert Consultant in RRHH, Organization and Strategy. Oriented to the traineeship of directive, commercial and social skills.

    See my website: www.manuelmiguelhernandezpujadas.com