About us

Who we are

We are an agency made up of specialized speakers from Europe. We provide last- generation-knowledge in the three 21st century domain fields of profitable leadership: personal, interpersonal and strategic professional practice knowledge to achieve integral management.

We aim towards business associations, companies, institutions and meeting planners for events in the USA, Latin America and Europe.

Scientists, consultants and teachers. We are a team of experts who are open to knowledge and continuously investigate to contribute to improve your own results.

What we do

We are an agency of speakers who complement each other. We select the best in each discipline and we maintain you in the vanguard of knowledge. We set limits. We want to be in the Top25, with a maximum of 25 represented who can guarantee commitment, knowledge, rigor, excellent communication, proximity, accomplishments and continuous investigation.

We are consultants in the different fields of cutting-edge business management, including the last tendencies in neurosciences applied to marketing, team management and leadership development.

We are teachers. We train the faculty of Ingenio, leadership school, the only business school 100% online, specialized in profitable and effective leadership development, with its own scientific methodology, developed from studies in the University of Harvard.

How we work

We are client-oriented and fulfill their satisfaction and needs. We have an audiovisual catalog of our EXPERTS, where the client can check the consultants’ quality of service, contents, style and orientation before hiring them. We guarantee results.

We train our experts continuously, using our last investigations about leadership, communicative skills, theatre, etc. Our objective is to bring knowledge and an amazing performance to your events. We want you to live unique experiences while you learn.

We adapt ourselves to your needs and possibilities: we organize events, trainings at your size and we also have lines of partners and sponsorship.