It is not possible to innovate if there is no research. Research is the pillar that feeds back INGENIO, with new models, styles, techniques and methodologies of Leadership.

Recent scientific theories from the University of Harvard say that Authentic Leadership is the optimum complete model to achieve sustainable, long-lasting results.

In INGENIO we select Authentic Leadership as the most complete style among the almost 40 leadership styles defined until today. INGENIO is completely consistent with this style of leadership. Among some of its important characteristics there is emotional intelligence, self-discipline and goal orientation. It is a person who achieves goals and long-term alliances with his or her teammates, who in return, trust him, not for his eloquence but for his personality, integrity, empathy and his way of working. It is undoubtedly a reference.

Jack Welch, the General Electrics’ CEO, is an example of that. He was the CEO of the company from 1981 to 2001, and achieved a profit of 4000%. It transformed the company into one of the most profitable companies of the United States of America.

“The superior results throughout a sustained period of time are the definitive mark of an authentic leader”.Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew N. McLean y Diana Mayer. Harvard Business Review.

INGENIO is doing research to prove that Authentic Leadership contributes to improving profitability.

Its first research was focused on determining the competences and abilities of successful leaders in companies, NGOs, politics, and the arts and humanities. Also of some people who have positioned themselves by doing bad practice (anti-leaders), to try to find coincidences and differences between both types of leadership.

It is a source of pride to confirm that business owners, of a standing equal to Jaume Alsina, president of Grupo Alimentario GUISSONA, are a clear example of leadership.

With all of this in mind, it was possible to elaborate our own check-list of necessary skills and leadership competencies that serves to measure the initial level of our students and therefore make their training more useful. All of this done with a 360º methodology.

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