Our programs

Ingenio Leadership School offers online training focused on creating leaders with a global and integrative vision. Capable of bringing together teams, resources and organizations to achieve sustainable results.

The training is recognized by the University of Lleida (UdL), who awards with the corresponding title. The Post Graduate programallows the student access to experienced professionals of many levels.You do not have to have a university degree.

It’s completely online. With a unique educational model, based on the methodology “personal learning environment”. Whatever the cognitive level of the student is, we provide with assorted content and supervision of the counselors.

3 Formats of academics

Master courses

Executive program

Short courses

A specialized and diverse format with more than 30 contents to choose from to train yourself with what you need when you need it.


Our programs are MODULAR


You can take them at your own pace.



One of our principal programs is the Masters in management and leadership. Below, you will see an example of its 100% modular structure. You can course it directly or two post grad programs that are more specialized and longer to complete. 5 executive programs that are even more specialized and tailored to your current strategic needs. And finally 23 short courses that are short monographic seminars. In order to achieve a Masters, final research work is needed.

The structure is the following:

OPTION A: Directly or 2 Post Grades


OPTION B: 5 Executive Programs


OPTION C: in 23 Short courses