Educational model


PLE is a collection of tools and materials that we use in our daily learning. It provides the students with their own costumed space in order to develop and exchange ideas under their control.

It is a methodology that adapts the contents to the student’s rate and style of learning. With assorted contents, audiovisual and written material, which adapt to the different systems of learning and are applied using the three academic formats.



Identical for all of the contents


6 steps , one after another, in which the student gradually increases its degree of immersion into knowledge


100 % online, no set study hours, nor calendars



At your pace but with a scientific guarantee of learning


Title of the University of Lleida



INGENIO e-learning

METHODOLOGY: Scientific foundations

Using a personal virtual learning environment (PLE), the “learning by doing” method and the last findings from neuroscience studies about learning styles, we have designed a teaching model “INGENIOe-learning”, which takes into account different types of contents: GAGS, CONFERENCES, e-textBOOKS, MASTERCLASSES and CONSULTING in different formats: written, visual, audiovisual, existential, etc.

Everything at your disposal 24/7 in our Virtual Campus, to provide you with training at your pace, without schedules nor calendars.

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