Educational team

Our educational team are internationally recognized experts in different areas of management and leadership. As INGENIO experts, we provide services to supplement their speakers and conference events.

The teaching faculty of MDL is formed from the best universities and business schools across Europe and the USA. They are well known in their fields for their rigor, experience, innovation and impact.

These teams of professionals were specifically chosen due to their extensive knowledge base in their fields. They are focused on excellence, effective leadership, and positive direction.


  • Agustí Argelich
    Agustí Argelich

    Expert on: innovation, business communication, decision making and negotiation.

  • Antonio Valdivia
    Antonio Valdivia

    Expert on: business strategy, commercial strategy and organization, marketing, sales and familiar business.

  • Araceli Mendieta
    Araceli Mendieta

    Expert on: Communication, Positive Management of Conflicts, Team Coaching, Organizational Change and Development, Labor Climate.

  • Bibiana Villa
    Bibiana Villa

    Expert on: Personal growth, positive attitude, happiness and leadership for the high performance in the organizations.

  • Carolina Rouillon Gallese
    Carolina Rouillon Gallese

     Experta en: Liderazgo y Sostenibilidad, Diversidad e Inclusión y Responsabilidad Social Corporativa 

  • Glòria Pallé
    Glòria Pallé

    Expert on: Motivation, Communication with persuasion and emotional intelligence.

  • Ismael Bertran
    Ismael Bertran

    Experto en: Gestión del Talento e Inteligencia Emocional

  • Joan Boada
    Joan Boada

    Experto en: Recursos Humanos, Salud Laboral, Emprendeduría, Creatividad y Coaching.

  • José Ramón Luna
    José Ramón Luna

    Expert on: Sales, Negotiation, Communication, Business strategy and development.

  • Jovita Latorre
    Jovita Latorre

    Experto en: Detección y Gestión del Talento. Las personas y su funcionamiento. Relaciones interpersonales.

  • Juan Graña
    Juan Graña

    Expert on: creativity, lateral marketing and neuromarketing.

  • Juvihet Beltrán
    Juvihet Beltrán

    Mentora programa RIF Re Inventa tus Finanzas, MBA y experta en Finanzas personales.

  • Maite Sorando
    Maite Sorando

    Experto en: Desarrollo de negocio, Contabilidad, Auditoria y Fiscalidad

  • Manuel Hernández
    Manuel Hernández

    Expert on: Leadership, Communication, PNL, Emotional Intelligence, Directive Skills, Business and Professional Strategy.

  • Miguel Castañeda
    Miguel Castañeda

    Experto en: Sostenibilidad Global, Fondos Europeos y Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

  • Miryam Nayibe Peralta
    Miryam Nayibe Peralta

    Experta en: Gestión Humana & Desarrollo Organizacional, Coach Ontològico, Coach ejecutiva, Certificada en Gestión de Cambio & Mentora de equipos y Lideres

  • Narcis Roma
    Narcis Roma

    Expert on: Digital Marketing.

  • Olga Serra
    Olga Serra

    Expert on: implementation of a quality management system, tools for the analysis, corporate communication, team work.

  • Sara Sampedro
    Sara Sampedro

    Expert on: Leadership development, business and personal strategy and Leadership of the Change.

  • Sergi Grimau
    Sergi Grimau

    Experto en: Desarrollo de negocio y Habilidades comerciales